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celebrity plastic surgery

Did you see the episode in Everybody Loves Raymond when his wife stuffed socks in her breasts to augment them and how Raymond was excited about it?  Then she quickly took out the socks and hit him with them saying she would never get herself all cut up for him!

The opposite applies to celebrity plastic surgery.  It’s real.  It’s happening as you read this.  There was an interview of Jamie Lee Curtis as she was promoting her children’s book and how she is more accepting of her physical self now and admitted that she’s had all kinds of plastic surgery.  We all eventually show our age, and Curtis, who’s graced the screen with what men fantasize about in what a woman’s body should look like, during the interview, is aging graciously.

While some plastic surgery may be deemed necessary, there is a wide belief, especially for celebrities who are already beautiful to begin with, that plastic surgery may result from insecurities or career demands of being a celebrity.

In contrast to the possible insecurities that may prompt plastic surgery, there is the hot tub scene of Kathy Bates and Jack Nicholson in the movie, About Schmidt, and how she bares all, and while the effect may be humorous, her character is very comfortable with her body.

Many sites online claim to reveal the accuracy of their information on celebrity plastic surgery.  See links below.

The headline, “Who's Been Nipped and Tucked? A Top Cosmetic Surgeon Reveals All!”, is from this website:

Provides list and pictures:

If you like plastic surgery gossip, go here: 

What can be the down side of plastic surgery:

From “I guess we're all looking for a cure for that inevitable ailment of death that will strike us all. Unfortunately, plastic surgery may give an appearance of youth, but the insides are what truly count because if your heart doesn't beat rhythmically or your brain sometimes malfunctions, no plastic surgeon will be able to rectify that.”

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