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celebrity homes

You can see celebrity homes in the growing number of "home" TV channels and also on shows that have celebrities as guests.  For example, you were able to view Cher's home in Oprah when Cher was promoting her new CD.  You were able to view the chapel where Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer married also shown on Oprah.

And in the many "home improvement" channels, some celebrities open their homes.  For example, in one show that featured homes for sale, you were able to see Jack Nicholson's penthouse in an upscale hotel in Los Angeles.  This was soon after 9/11.  The price tag?  $13 million.

A note on Jack Nicholson.  A friend who is an NBA fan like myself told me about Nicholson screaming at a Detroit player during the game in LA.  I missed this game, but Nicholson redeemed himself when he showed up in Detroit, swallowed the loss like a good sport, and congratulated Coach Brown.

Another example of seeing part of a celebrity's home is in Michael Moore's documentary, Bowling for Columbine.  Moore was invited into Charleton Heston's home and you could see those plastic basketball toys and it reminds you of the similar "daily lives" of celebrities.  Moore, of course, chooses a camera shot of this toy with the picture he leaves on the yard--the ironic effect works.  Sad, however, of how Heston leaves Moore out of conflict and sad to see this great actor's present day activities intermixed with his greatness as a film legend.

The more I write about examples where I've peered into celebrity homes, the more I realize how we fans are simply just curious.  When you see someone act on the big screen time and time again, it is only humanly natural to be curious.  

Should the big screen become obsolete one of these days, our inherent curiosity will still exist and possibly focus on other things. 

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