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The popularity of today’s Celebrities - Movie Stars is not a surprise.  They are the “actors, singers, musicians, painters, athletes, etc.” who provide us the entertainment we crave.  This has been happening for thousands of years and today is no exception.  The only difference is that today, we have technology to expand our entertainment choices.  We aren’t subjected to opera or stage plays only, for example, although these “older style” of entertainment continues to pack seats.

There are now video games and the Internet.  There are talk and radio shows, game shows, and late night shows.  

There are athletic events such as the NBA and the NFL in arenas that rival the ancient ones.  At least now, the losers of such events don’t get their heads cut off, such as the fact-backed legend of the Mayan ball games held in Chichen-Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula.  Still, however, in one weekend, the motion picture type of entertainment remains strong in making millions.

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