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humorous duet acting script

To polish your comedy acting skills for contests, a scene in a school play, speech events or an audition, find a humorous duet acting script below from the Internet, but there is also a tip where you can find these scripts elsewhere. 

The bottom line for performing humorous duet acting scripts is to sharpen your craft as an actor.  You may discover that you have the knack for entertaining your audience through comedy.

  • Find your scripts from the library:

EBH"Step One:  Go to the library or bookstore and pick up some scene books with scenes from real, published plays.  Scan through them and find some scenes that you really like.  It doesn’t matter if the age range or characters are exactly what you’re looking for, just keep your eye out for a sense of humor and writing style that you are attracted to.  Make note of the playwrights of those scenes you like."

"Step Two:  This is the real secret to finding unique acting scenes.  Get your hands on as many plays by those playwrights as you can.  Since you already know that you relate to his style and humor, you should be able to find a lesser-known duet acting scene in one of his other plays."

  • On this page, click on "Scene Index" and choose a comedic situation.

For example, in When Harry Met Sally, the Ryan and Crystal characters reunite on a plane.  The cost of this script is only $1.00 so it's basically free.
  • VM EbookThis page lists comedic duet scripts for about $4.95 and should you perform the script, the royalty fee is about $30.00.  In addition to duets, there are also monologues, skits, full-lengths, one-acts, skit collections, youth plays, drama books and links to the playwrights.

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Acting Directory

Article on the positive effects of acting:

What are the rules during speech events?  "In these events, two actors perform a short scene from a play. The speakers are allowed to use two chairs and a table, if they wish, but no other props or costumes."  -

Article on writing your own script:

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